a woman in a floral top smiles in front of a wall

Associate Professor

a woman smiling in front of a wall

Natasia S. Courchesne-Krak, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor

three people posing for a photo in a park

Renata Cupertino, MSc, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher

a woman with blonde hair smiling at the camera

Mariela V Jennings, BSc

Information Systems Analyst

a man in a turtle neck sweater standing in front of a white wall

John Meredith, BSc

Bioinformatic Systems Analyst

a woman wearing glasses and a blazer

Hayley Thorpe, BSc, MSc

Postdoctoral Researcher

asian woman in a business suit posing for a photo

Ivonne Xu, BSc, MSc

Information Systems Analyst

a young woman smiling in front of bamboo plants

Shreya Pakala, BSc

Research Assistant

asian woman in a blue shirt posing for a photo

Ellen Tsai, BSc

PhD Student

a smiling woman with curly hair in a black shirt

Laura Vilar-Ribó, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher

a man in a patterned shirt standing in front of a fence

Anirudh Chandrasekaran

Student Researcher

a kitten laying in a cat carrier


Lab assistant

Because it is always a good idea to hire a cat


a graduation cap icon on a white background

Shreya Pakala (2023-current)

Laura Vilar-Ribo (2022)

Michael Ehinmowo (2022-current)

Benjamin Pham (2022)

Calvin Lee (2021-2022)

Terry Le (2022)

Sevim Bianchi (2020-2023)

Yuye (Flory) Huang (2020–2021)

Brittany Leger (2021)

Zeljana Babic (2021)

Frederick Martinez (2019-2020)

Rebbecca Tsai (2019-2020)

Kaiqi Zhang (2019-2020)

Jin Yi Wu (2019-2021)

Cedric Snethlage (2018)

Jazlene Mallari (2018-2020)